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If nothing else is stated here, the copyright of all pictures (photos, graphics and paintings) is owned by Sylvia Witt.
Editing and modifications of all pictures were made by Sylvia Witt.
The copyrights of all book covers are held by the publishers who have published the books.

Logo of the Edition Hombrede: Michael Holtschulte (execution) and Sylvia Witt (draft)
Photos by allwitty films introduction and header: Pixabay.
Voynich manuscript in Academic: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University.
Elephant- and opposite cartoon in Books/Aphorisms: Michael Holtschulte.
Shirt pictures in Books/Aphorisms: Spreadshirt.de (shirts) & Sylvia Witt (slogan motifs)
Blood-edge graphic from Film development/The Gilt-Frame Glasses: Shutterstock.
Boat at the pier of Film development/Landsailors: Shutterstock.
Flower shop of Film development/Henry Scolds God: Pexels.
Oberbaumbrücke from Film development/The cliché: Pixabay.
Gold frame from Film development/Tinsel : Copyright-free due to the age of the original advertising poster.
Photo from Film development/The Opposite of Above: Pixabay.
Photo by Film development/Log out!: Pixabay.
Photo by Film development/The Right Path: Shutterstock.
Photo by Film development/The Taboo: Pixabay.
Photos from Activities in the category Activities: Jörg Everding.
Pictures from Visual art/Into the Book! in all other categories: Oliver Uschmann.
Brownies fountain-postcard in Visual art/Apperception/Landscape: Recording unknown, but since from 1927 copyright-free.
Fountain poem by Heinzelmännchen in Visual art/Apperception/Landscape:August Kopisch from 1836 and also copyright-free.
Photo by Schatzkiste/Active and passive treasures: Pixabay.
Films by Treasure Chest/Into the Book!: Jens Mayer.
Game figures in Treasure Chest/Strolling Germanics/Heubach: From the game manufacturers mentioned there.
Templates for the portraits in Treasure Chest/Culture wave: Copyright-free due to the age of the original paintings.>br/> Photos in Creators Picturae/Snapshots: 001+002 Jochen van Eden. 008 Jürgen Klugmann, Pixelfreestyle. 009+010 Jörg Everding.

To the picture motifs of all pictures from Visual art/Under the Surface:
The motifs consist of own graphics, third-party graphics, own photos and third-party photos. The photos and some of the graphics were painted variedly in acrylic. Then all picture elements were scanned or photographed and digitally processed again. Finally, they were printed out and applied to the canvas, as were the text elements.
With regard to third-party motifs, Section 24 Article 1 UrhG applies: "Free use - (1) An independent work created in free use of another's work may be published and exploited without the consent of the author of the work used".
In order to do full justice to the amount of the creation of the new work, all painted elements that are shown here as parts of the intermediate steps, are pixelated and only visible as a completed work.
The compilation of the creators of all third-party images, or the justified non-naming, has been carefully made. Should there nevertheless have been infringements of the copyright, they will be removed immediately after legitimate objections have become known.


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