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Sylvia once.

Vita Sylvia Witt

Love · Learn · Live

Actually also laugh, but that is as natural as breathing. So... if you are already alive.
Sylvia Witt is a graduate designer, writer, visual artist, programmer and passionate learner who gave away her alarm clock early in life and since then has always been lazily lying around somewhere reading.
Born in Cologne, after visiting the Hansa-Gymnasium and finishing an education at the BBS15 in her home town, she graduated the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (visual communication/graphic design), survived the Rhein-Sieg-Art-Academy (art & graphic design) and remains eternally loyal to the Distance-Learning University Hagen (business informatics & psychology), which is relatively incomprehensible, as she actually prefers to watch Netflix series using the popular "binge watching" method.
Solo and group exhibitions took her all over Germany as well as to France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Tunisia.
Together with Oliver Uschmann she publishes novels, youth literature, narrative non-fiction and ghostwritings. But more often she pursues her daydreams.
She also provided for particularly good interviews with Sting, Ute Lemper, Dieter Nuhr, Vicky Leandros and Moritz Bleibreu in Galore-Interviews, but also loves to just listen.
On the cultural heritage House Nottbeck she built the scenery of the novel series Hartmut und ich as a habitable Theme Park. She explores the scenery of the real world through geocaching, but also playing digital and physical games occupies a significant place in her live.
She completed the Masterclass TV series of the Script Academy Berlin and enjoyed the varied, vegetarian, fabulous restaurants of the capital.
Her existence as a designer is determined by marketing, conception, design, production and presentation of the image-, graphic- and text-material in the fields of graphic design, packaging design and communication design of prints of any kind, magazines, books, CIs, logos, campaigns, products, advertising products and websites (so far for architects, writers, performers, musicians, publishers, galleries, graduates, large gastronomy & hotel industry, coaching & healthcare, IT & telecommunications companies, retail & service companies, dating agencies, market research institutes, security & consulting services, associations & political initiatives, as well as authorities & law firms). She carried out her work as a soloist, in partnership or as a team leader, because in subordinate positions she's either too stubborn or too lazy.
Apart from her membership of the ADAC, she only enjoys four other memberships and says that's enough: VG Bild Kunst (BG I & II), VG Wort, BBK Westfalen and Mensa Germany. But her commitment to the association always keeps within boundaries.
In addition to her motorcycle and car driving licence, she also holds a boat driving licence for inland and open sea; legitimised as the best graduate of all times by the strictest examiner this side of the equator. This has nothing to do with her professions, but it is a similarly constant joy to her, despite all environmental concerns. There you have something, as Loriot already knew with his yodeling diploma.
Just as much joy resulted from the care of the beloved part-time daughter Kim from her seventh year of life until adult existence, as well as that of the likewise beloved non-human living beings of all kinds in hardly comprehensible number. The environmental concerns are more marginal here, especially if all of them are located together on the meadow enjoying the sun.

Oliver once.

Oliver Uschmann

Only work can work off work.

Unless a cat shows up. Then all work is forgotten and procrastination starts, accompanied by purring.
Oliver Uschmann is a literary scholar, writer, journalist, presenter and lecturer who even as a child felt solely responsible for the entertainment of the audience at birthday parties and since then has been performing everywhere as if out of compulsion, where something stage-like is standing around.
Born in Wesel, he graduated from the Ruhr University Bochum (German & English studies), survived the advertising agency Scholz & Friends in Berlin and still returns to his home university every year as a private lecturer because he needs an excuse to walk for hours in the botanical garden.
As a journalist he supplied and supplies magazines like Visions, GEE, Rock Hard, Trailer, Intro, Federwelt and Cicero with inspired stories or staged them as editor-in-chief of the interview magazine Galore.
As an author, he was surprisingly awarded the Short Story Prize of the City of Leverkusen and the Advancement Award for Literature of the State of NRW.
Together with Sylvia Witt he publishes novels, youth literature, narrative non-fiction and ghostwritings. As a presenter Uschmann performs from school to festival stage to television and radio. As a lecturer he teaches the practical skills of good writing and speaking by means of teaching assignments at the Ruhr-University and at literary institutions such as the Textmanufaktur or the Autorendock. He explores the scenery of the real world while walking barefoot. All places where he stays on the road for longer periods of time, record immense profit increases at bakeries, kebab stands, chip shops, pizzerias and Asian all-you-can-eat buffets. He graduated from the Masterclass TV series of the Script Academy Berlin and uses the new professional field as a screenwriter as an excuse to watch all Netflix series, wrapped in a four by four meter towel.
His memberships are even more limited: ADAC and VG Wort. His subscription to buy local apples as well as the memberships in local home- and sports-clubs he resigns regularly after he has been persuaded to sign them by people at the house door or within cosy social gatherings.
But he is passionate about being a patron, together with Sarah Alles, for the social organisation Kinderhelfer mit Herz which supports poor kids.
His driving licence, which he only passed at the third attempt because his examiner fell asleep, was supplemented by a solid performance at the first attempt by the boat driving licences for inland and open sea, which were also legitimised by the strictest examiner this side of the equator. Ever since he got to know pure solar boats in Australia, he's been dreaming of being able to drive cars and boats with this wonderfully silent technique or that even Sylvia's idea is finally realized: solar energy technology varnish for all vehicles.
He regrets not being an engineer. Among his other failed career ideas were stuntman (scared of heights), wrestler (arms like leek) and professional table tennis player (poor reaction). Confusingly, his male role models include the TV painter Bob Ross and the fictional hotel manager Markus Winter, who unlike him always has everything under control.
However, he is very enthusiastic and diligent in the care of all living beings and is therefore always cuddled by the next best cat nearby.

Sylvia Witt and Oliver Uschmann generally recommend not to view biographies on Wikipedia, as the contributors there by writing about soft topics usually tend to choose "poetry" from Goethe's motto "Poetry and Truth". Hard subjects like mathematics, mechanical engineering or mineralogy, on the other hand, are correctly carved in stone.