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Lost Levels

Lost Levels - Hartmut und ich schlagen auf | Hartmut and Me Get to It

Founding myth flatshare novel.

How it all began. Episode 1. First Contact. Hartmut and "me" get to know each other at school. The one already as a teenager a Stoic, the other a revolutionary, who feeds the people from the ping-pong table with fish rolls and wants to beat reason into them by means of his "Kantholz". High school graduation. Savage camping trips with the old Van. Civil service and army. First love. And finally: The decision to start a flatshare together and move from Wesel to Bochum.
There the episodically narrated book bends into the time levels of Hartmut und ich | Hartmut and Me and Voll beschäftigt | Fully Busy and reports on previously unimagined events that took place back then. Tales about uncle Werner, who wants to turn the two boys into "real men". About guerrilla gardening at a noise protection wall in the middle of the night. About a pornographic threesome with Esther that starts in the bathtub.
It's filthy, crazy and hartmutesque to an unprecedented degree - we had to set up our own publishing house for it. Read it yourself!
2021 Midlist Skoutz Award Bronze Badge Winner!

Skoutz-Award. Skoutz-Interview about Lost Levels. Skoutz-Interview about our jury work.
Book presentation. Odor samples. Das Kantholz.
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Im Auge des Sturms | In the Eye of the Storm

Im Auge des Sturms | In the Eye of the Storm

Hui short novel.

In the summer of 2013 the almost completely reunited Hui family visits the Hurricane Festival. Hartmut and "me" dare an experiment that has the festival community in turmoil and amazement: They want to spend the entire days in the eye of the storm completely sober. The effect of their renunciation is astonishing. Upcoming brawls are gandhiesquely prevented. Hartmut preaches and seduces like last time at Murp! in a super traffic jam. "Me" is constantly inventing new porn titles without being ablte to stop his brain from doing that. All this along the stage programme and the most spectacular neighbours on the motorhome sites, as they were actually experienced in Scheeßel.
A fast-paced reunion with all the popular side characters like Jochen, Mario, Hanno or Martin - and a first answer to the question how things stand between "me" and Caterina right now.

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Erdenrund | Earth Round

Erdenrund | Earth Round

World non-flatshare novel.

How do you find yourself after you've lost yourself? In this passionately woven epic the characters as well as the authors explore new ways. Told from four perspectives, the audience accompanies Hartmut, Susanne, Caterina and "me" on their journeys through France, California, New Zealand, Tunisia or the Baltic States.
Some of these expeditions the characters actually live out. Some of them are just made up by them in great detail in order to save their face.
Especially for "me", lying and hesitating has hard consequences - the unbearably perfect artist Alejandro aims at stealing his Caterina from him forever. Susanne, on the other hand, needs to travel to the end of the world in order to realize how much Hartmut and her belong together. A mixture of travel novel, love drama and typical hartmutesque satire - with biographically based scenes of the Arabian Spring.

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Feindesland | Enemy Land

Feindesland | Enemy Land

Berlin flatshare novel.

Black cover, black humor. In the ghetto of Berlin, Hartmut, Susanne, Caterina and "me" have to fight for their existence within their jobs and for their survival within their neighbourhood. While they uncover the crimes of a protection money ring and start a taxi company for individually configurable journeys ("I'd like to have a cheese roll, cool jazz and no small talk"), politics in the capital is developing into a dictatorship of good intentions. The criminals from below rule with a jackknife. The criminals from above rule with the new laws of the Ministry of Morals.
This fanaticism leads to such a tragic ending that the Hui family ends up going separate ways.
A cynical dystopia and multi-layered social satire - with the nastiest accompanying videos ever shot for the books.

Trailer. Live.
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Murp! Murp!


Motorway flatshare novel.

On the run from the tax investigators, the Hui-family lives in motels and organizes exhibitions called Kunstpause | Art break including painting workshops at rest stops.
Through headlines in newspapers or radio broadcasts as well as shocking encounters with traveling school classes, Hartmut discovers his new enemy: the ever-increasing bombardment of adult education, health dictatorship and efficiency mania. On slips of paper and napkins he writes a book within a book: The Manifest für die Unvollkommenheit | Manifesto for imperfection. In the real world, this pamphlet received a soundtrack by means of the music single How we have to live | Wie wir zu leben haben by Bosse & Oliver Uschmann, including a music video, which, fittingly enough, has been shot in the DDR Museum of Berlin.
A snotty road movie - with explicit flap-text recommendation by Dieter Nuhr.

Soundtrack (Download). Live.
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Wandelgermanen | Strolling Germanics Wandelgermanen | Strolling Germanics

Wandelgermanen | Strolling Germanics

Hohenlohe flatshare novel.

In blind confidence, Hartmut acquires a half-timbered house online, located in the village of Großbärenweiler with only 25 inhabitants. The house turns out to be a stubborn ruin. The neighbours are all crazy. But after the women fled in horror, Hartmut and "me" need the new pagan Wandelgermanen (Strolling Germanics) and their sons, who are shooting rubber bullets with their paramilitary Waldfront in order to restore the property and to understand this mysterious place.
How to tame the official Steinbeis from the building authority in the former city palace? What the hell is a Rapille? And why is only the mysterious Mr. Leuchtenberg able to save the house - a man, who only appears with his twelve helpers from a distance when he thinks that people are ready?
A kafkaesque comedy full of exuberance - with an exclusive guest appearance by Bob Ross.

Trailer. Tour trailer.
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Wandelgermanen The virtual home of the Wandelgermanen | Strolling Germanicsincluding beautiful games and in-depth quizzes.
Voll beschäftigt | Fully Busy Voll beschäftigt | Fully Busy

Voll beschäftigt | Fully Busy


artmut starts the Institute for Dequalification in order to turn overqualified academic scholars into people being able to do simple work. In the famous flatshare, the academics mainly learn from the drink-proof first-person narrator and Hartmut's down-to-earth girlfriend Susanne how to live the rustic way of life of the working class.
Sebastian is particularly hard hit: The violinist and classical philologist has to learn how to stand his ground on the assembly line at UPS. Meanwhile, the sweet artist Caterina from another world between canvas and lakeside, conquers the childlike heart of the first-person narrator. But no sooner is the Hui family complete than their home is threatened by the state: The building authorities have their eye on the dilapidated house. Together, the residents defend themselves against the city and the impositions of the modern world.
A novel of precarious society - with the only uncut audiobook including guests like Bela B. and Axel Bosse.

Talk. Spaziergang.
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Hui-WG In the Hui flatshare house One can discover Sebastian's secret cellar apartment and a dimensional gate on the upper floor.
Hartmut und ich | Hartmut and Me Hartmut und ich | Hartmut and Me

Hartmut und ich | Hartmut and Me

Men's flatshare novel.

One of them just wants to take a bath, drink and play the PlayStation. The other one wants to change the whole world every day. The one is a worker. The other one a philosopher. The one is calm. The other one fetches cyclists with an extended arm off the saddle to make a subversive statement against the cliché of male combat readiness.
Best conditions for a men's flatshare in the most worn out house of Bochum-Wiemelhausen! With this novel the Hui world rose up from the shaggy soil of the Ruhr area.
Every element of these episodes, from the mite-infested flokati in the living room to the bath foam over the man's chest, became a cult. As the literary archive of the city, the novel even preserves the Seier restaurant with its tattooed war veterans from being forgotten.
A curious bang of a novel - honored by the publisher by a hardcover classic edition within the Taschenbibliothek | Pocket library of S.Fischer.

Live. Gespräch.
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Hui-WG The Hui flatshare including thousands of details to be discovered in all rooms.
Ab ins Buch - Begleitheft | Into the Book - Companion booklet

Ab ins Buch - Begleitheft | Into the Book - Companion booklet

Hartmut's life guide.

This little booklet has great impact. During the Hui exhibition, this passionately laid out compendium accompanied the visitors as a program booklet through the hartmutesque theme park.
It contains Hartmut's most important wisdom for a better, murpier and more fulfilling life. Some of these hints could be practiced on the spot on the flatshare sofa, in the garden house or on the barefoot path. But even without an exhibition around it, Hartmut's guide is a faithful shirt pocket companion for life. Whoever learns with this, how to be imperfect, uncool and cat-like with good conscience, saves dozens of shelf metres of other motivational literature.

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