Label: Edition Hombrede

Label: Edition Hombrede

Laughed around the corner

Artistic freedom. Autonomy. Breathe deeply.

Edition Hombrede publishes new books off the guardrails that keep the big market on track.
Fresh novels and volumes of stories by proven heroes and heroines. Edgy visions. But also carefully revised new editions of our classics, which are no longer available in stores. Laughed around the corner - performed by Michael Holtschulte
The motto for everyone: "Laugh around the corner!" Murpy championship.

Lost Levels

Lost Levels - Hartmut und ich schlagen auf | Hartmut and Me Get to It

Founding myth flatshare novel.

How it all began. Episode 1. First Contact. Hartmut and "me" get to know each other at school. The one already as a teenager a Stoic, the other a revolutionary, who feeds the people from the ping-pong table with fish rolls and wants to beat reason into them by means of his "Kantholz". High school graduation. Savage camping trips with the old Van. Civil service and army. First love. And finally: The decision to start a flatshare together and move from Wesel to Bochum.
There the episodically narrated book bends into the time levels of Hartmut und ich | Hartmut and Me and Voll beschäftigt | Fully Busy and reports on previously unimagined events that took place back then. Tales about uncle Werner, who wants to turn the two boys into "real men". About guerrilla gardening at a noise protection wall in the middle of the night. About a pornographic threesome with Esther that starts in the bathtub.
It's filthy, crazy and hartmutesque to an unprecedented degree - we had to set up our own publishing house for it. Read it yourself!
2021 Midlist Scoutz Award Bronze Badge Winner!

Book presentation. Scoutz Award - Book presentation. Odor samples. Das Kantholz.
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